COVID-19 Week 1: Lock Down Update.

By eypcf_controller

March 28, 2020

1.A stand alone Local Offer page is being produced by the LA with links to Regional and National support and information and resources. If parent carers find a link that is useful please let the PCF know and it will be included..

2. The Local Authority is working to produce a list of contacts within County Hall by the beginning of next week.

3.An FAQ paper to answer questions for everyone will be available on Monday from the Local Authority taking into account feedback from parent/carers via the PCF this week,

4. Educational Psychology- Schools should be the first point of contact for parent carers concerned about emotional well being. If schools cannot give an answer parent carers can contact the Educational Psychology Service and if your young person uses the Education Inclusion Service you can contact them directly.

5. FASP Applications can be submitted until June but as all activities are curtailed there is plenty of time for parents to apply. The PCF have highlighted a response needs to be sent to all applicants as a priority and will be in the following weeks by the 0-25 Team.

6.All East Riding Special Schools have remained open all week and will do over the following weeks. Riverside School closed for one day this week as no pupils wanted to attend.

7.The 0-25 Team is open to all calls regardless of having a named worker or a young person having an EHCP.

8.The SAPTS service have no spare computers/ I pads so parents should access these from schools for home learning.

9.The PCF asked for a co-ordinated response from Health Partners also the Local Authority will have a conference call on Monday and update us.

10.The PCF are grateful to all our voluntary organisations and partners, support groups who we link with for feeding back this week and we have already taken issues and concerns to the Local Authority especially regarding financial distress for parent carers at this time with suggestions for support in the short term.

11. Parent carer feedback is highly regarded no data is shared and we gather themes and issues and do not discuss individual cases without parental written consent.

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