Questions to the LA – 29th April 2020

By eypcf_controller

April 30, 2020

These are the questions parent carers have asked the PCF to ask the LA today.
All answers are posted on the Local Offer Covid -19 advice FAQ of which the next update will be Friday. We will also share on this page.

There is some conflicting information being given to parents and carers regarding direct payments. Is it still the case that parents should contact their 0-25 keyworker for advice?
What is the situation for carers entering a family home regarding PPE. Equally what protection is there for parents if they allow a Carer to enter their home?

Reimbursement of Educational Resources.
How can families be reimbursed for any educational resources they need for their CYN to access their learning programme?

Pressure for CYP completing their education home learning programme.
How can parents be involved in developing their child’s learning programme in order to avoid unrealistic expectations and the resultant anxiety?

Are all panel meetings still being held and if so are all the participants reflective of the previous attendance at meetings?

DCMO ( Health/ medical)
What is the role of the DCMO ( Designated clinical medical officer) in the current situation?

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