EYPCF Risk Assessment Survey

By eypcf_controller

June 12, 2020

The government has said that all children and young people with an EHCP must have what they refer to as a “risk assessment” during the lockdown. This is because all education is disrupted at this time and the assessment is to look at, with the parents, how a child or young persons education plan can continue either at school or at home.It is important to decide on the safest place with regard to Covid 19 and the parents will make that decision in discussion with the school or college. The risk assessment should follow the child or young person through the special arrangements during the lockdown and it should be updated if a situation changes for example when a transition back to school or college is agreed. It is a working document and it should be shared with parents and carers, children and young people.
The assessment should look at all aspects of education, health and social care and the school or college must use reasonable endeavours to deliver the EHCP.
The PCF is concerned that not all parents have been asked to discuss a risk assessment and this has already been fed back to the LA but it is important to determine the scale of the problem. Could you please therefore spend a few minutes answering the survey for the forum to provide evidence on the current situation.


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