EYPCF Update

By eypcf_controller

April 22, 2020

Since the beginning of the “ lockdown” the PCF has been actively engaged in gathering information about the experiences and needs of families who have a child/ young person with SEND.

Why is the PCF doing this:
The Department of Education ( Dfe) has asked LAs to work closely with Parent Carer forums to ensure that the needs of families and children with SEND are brought to their attention to help with the planning of services during this time. The PCF is also able to make relevant information about service provision available to parents.

How is the PCF gathering information:
The PCF is working and liaising closely with local Charities and parent support groups to gather information from their members as well as receiving feedback directly from their own members. This is a vital collective approach and the PCF is increasing the number of groups who are becoming involved.

What happens to the information from families:
The PCF provides the LA and Health with FAQs on a weekly basis and follows this up with daily phone calls to LA Officers. The responses to the FAQs are posted on the Local Offer and also within the local parent/ Carer groups.

What else is the PCF doing:
The normal activities of the PCF such as coffee mornings are clearly suspended but the forum will continue to feedback ongoing issues concerning services for children and young people with SEND to the LA.. Over the next few weeks there will be information about this on the PCF website and through other SEND groups.

If you would like to provide feedback on your experiences of the current situation please contact: admin@eypcf.co.uk

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