Are you a campaign group?

No, however we do acknowledge the importance of campaign groups to get the voices of parents/carers heard.

How do you feedback to parent / carers?

Along with this website we also and also have a very active Facebook group.  We hold coffee mornings and can be contacted via mobile or email.

Are you paid by the local council?

No, however we receive a grant from the Department of Education (DfE) for parent participation.

Who do you work for?

We are volunteers independent of any statutory organisation

What can I do? I’m just a parent / carer

Join us! add your voice and experience.

Are you just another support group?

We are a participation group but will try and signpost you to a relevant support group.

What do you do?

We work with different services, including LA, Education and Health, to ensure the required needs of children, young people and families are met.

We play a role in co-production by representing local groups of parents and carers of children with young people with SEN and Disability.