By eypcf_controller

June 8, 2020

We had some enquiries from parent carers about the FASP payment process so asked the Local Authority to clarify this for us.

“It was not necessary to change the FASP process due to COVID the FASP group had a view that the processes for FASP would not be impacted.

Therefore the issuing of payments is the same.

The team accept application up until the 12th June not beyond.

The first payment of £260 as started to go out to families.

These payments go out in stages because I need to read each application and make a decision and due to volume I have to do them in batches.

The second payment does not go out until we receive the monitoring form back from families.

We send these out end of August begin of Sept and then start distributing the second payment £140.”

If you have any further questions please email admin@eypcf.co.uk

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