Feedback discussion with the LA on 8th June

By eypcf_controller

June 12, 2020

Feedback discussion with the LA on 8th June.
Issues discussed.
1. The lack of involvement of parents and carers in risks assessments.
Response from the LA was to say that SENCO’s were aware that risk assessments should be carried out.
2. Transition back to school or college was discussed and the PCF asked what was in place to make the transition as smooth as possible.
Response from the LA was to say that some settings were able to provide virtual tours and other settings could use social stories.
3. Transport remains an issue for some families regarding social distancing. Some feedback to the forum suggested that taxi companies and transport may differ about the regulations.
The response was for individual families to discuss this with Transport.
4. Resources for home learning were discussed as some families did not have access to a laptop and the school did not provide one.
The response was for parents to ask for the EHCP to be amended to include a laptop.
This would go to the panel for consideration.

The PCF are still concerned about the lack of risk assessments and have developed a survey to find out the extent of the problem. It is hoped that parents and carers will take the opportunity to complete this.
Further discussion needs to happen regarding transition back to school or college and this will be the main question next week. Please forward any ideas or suggestions regarding transition to EYPCF admin.

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