Health Visiting Service

By eypcf_controller

May 8, 2020

Answers to questions posed by the PCF regarding the Health Visiting Service during the COVID -19 Pandemic from Louise Hobson Clinical Team Leader & Service Manager.

There is a named health visitor for all children with SEND up to school entry and they are manged in the ‘Universal Partnership Plus’ (UPP) caseload. They are instrumental in referring and managing family meetings with the local authority ‘Early Year Support’ team(EYS). They work closely with our community nursery nurses to give additional support to families of children with SEND and we refer to other health agencies as required.

During COVID they have contacted every family with a pre-school child with SEND to make sure they know we are still working and available for support. They have tried to offer reassurance, given them details how to get medical advice and signposted to our website and social media. Our social media site has a dedicated COVID page and we have added SEND information and links to Mencap, CarersUK & ER FISH. The EYS meetings are still taking place every other week via Microsoft Teams and children referred from other agencies are being allocated a named HV who will contact the family.

Our ISPHN service have not redeployed health visitors and school nurses during this time as they continue to offer the Healthy Child Programme universally to all universal families. They are doing most contacts virtually and doing face to face contacts wearing PPE if there is a compelling need to do so. We have now got the upstream portal (this week) which is a video consultation platform and access to the ASQ-3 online so we have restarted completing the developmental assessments where possible with robust plans for going forward.

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