Health Watch Questionnaires

By eypcf_controller

June 8, 2020

Once you have completed them you can either email them back to Health Watch or send them back by our freepost address.

Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire
Unit 18
Brough Business Centre
Skillings Lane
HU15 1EN


  1. Hi – Am I supposed to chose 1? Should I chose any particular survey? What is it for, how will it be used, when’s the deadline for completion etc. I’d love to help you but need more information than what has been sent please.

    1. Thank you Nick, your questions have been forwarded onto the right person and we will respond to you soon with the answers.

      1. Reply from Health Watch: Please ask parents and carers to complete only those that are appropriate.
        They can complete more than one is appropriate such as General public questions for themselves and the Carers one as the carer of a child or elderly parent etc.
        They could do one as a carer and then another if they at some point during lockdown had to isolate.

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