Outsourcing – 7th March 2020

By eypcf_controller

March 12, 2020

At the January monthly SEND Feedback meeting between the PCF and LA, the LA mentioned that they had started to commission some Annual Review work to an external company, in order to meet the 15th February statutory deadline when the LA must have reviewed, amended and finalised an EHCP naming the placement the young person will be moving to in September of the next academic year.The PCF said that parent/carers must be informed and had assumed this had been acted on, however the PCF requested clarification in writing from the LA about how the decision to do this had been arrived at, the arrangement with the company and confirmation that the arrangement was specific to Year 6 reviews.The PCF also asked who was making the decisions i.e. the LA or the company? We were assured it was purely an administrative role and the company complied with all GDPR data conditions and had a confidentiality policy in place.In 2015 when the LA outsourced some of the EHCP work the PCF and the LA co-produced a statement for parent/carers as follows: -“Due to increasing workload and the need to meet statutory timescales the LA may have to outsource the completion of your child/young person’s EHCP. Please be assured that the company has a Confidentiality Policy in place, is registered with the Information Commissioners Office and has the appropriate security technology in place. If you have an issue with this please feel free to contact the SEN Team to express your concern”We have requested this repeatedly with no response and tried to find the information out for ourselves by ringing an outsourcing company Enhance EHC Ltd who shared that a contract was in place but they had not actually carried out any work as yet for ERYCC, therefore we had no written clarification that this had been taking place, so we are still unsure of what is currently happening and what arrangements are with regard to outsourcing.We continued to pursue this with the LA including the new Interim SEND Communications and Partnership Manager up until Friday 06/03/2020It will be urgently pursued with the Interim SEND Communications and Partnership Manager on Monday and further information shared.

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