Question to the LA – 16th April 2020

By eypcf_controller

April 16, 2020

We have communicated with the LA to ask were they able to answer the questions that the PCF gave them last week.

These concerned whether panels were still being held, finalising of EHCPs after transition reviews, future Annual Reviews, the pressure that parents are under particularly if they have more than one child with SEND( this relates to the amount of school work expected to be done at home) and also what is happening with expected Paediatric appointments?

The LA will respond to these questions this week.

However please let us know of any other concerns or issues, we have had feedback from a couple of partners today which we are acting on ?

Also were the FAQs sent out last week helpful?

The PCF continues to be concerned about the lack of any respite for parents and the inability to be creative with Direct payments or Short breaks.

Do you know if families are getting the support that they need?
Please let us know if there is anything else you can suggest to make life easier for families at this time.

Many thanks

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