Questions on Closures 19th March 2020

By eypcf_controller

March 20, 2020

Today the PCF wrote to the LA for a response to the following suggestions and questions we are awaiting response and will update as soon as we have information.

“The PCF can act as a communication point for providing parents and carers with the following information and guidance concerning possible frequently asked questions.

These are:

Will the EHCP statutory process continue if parents/ carers can not meet with practitioners in schools or practitioners can not provide advice that is recent?

How do parents/carers access support at home for CYP who need a high level of adult support in school. Will EHASH triage all calls for social/emotional and mental support?

Are all Annual Reviews suspended?

What arrangements are there for CYP who access residential overnight provision. Will this continue or be rationed?

Will the telephone access to SEND services continue as it is or will another number be available for general advice and guidance?

What help will be available for those CYP who will not now be able to take exams in the summer?

What provision is there for CYP who receive free school meals?

How will individual children’s welfare be monitored?

Can CYP with an EHCP remain in school as it is the LA’s obligation to educate them?

We are sure that there will be other questions but it will be important to establish a communication channel between the PCF and the LA and Health.”

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