Questions to the LA 31st March

By eypcf_controller

March 31, 2020

Health— Q. How is the Therapy service (SALT, OT, Physio) operating at the moment?
How are CYP Termly plans going to be updated to inform the ongoing therapy for next term. Are resources going to be available from the service.

Q. Are school nurses available for advice. If so is there a direct contact number to ring.

Q. How can parents stay in touch with their Paediatrician particularly when their child’s medical situation is not stable.

Q. What is the direct number to ring for CAMHS. Is it operated every day.
31st March

Q. There is confusion about the accessibility of free school meals. Is it possible to have a voucher system for all families.

Q. Health —— Is the Helios on line Autism diagnostic services still operating.
If so could the capacity in that service be increased.

Is the Autism diagnostic assessment process continuing. What is the current waiting list.

Q. If a care package has recently been agreed with additional hours can it be assumed that they can be used in the absence of any documentation.

Q. Will the 0-25 team be able to carry out ‘well-being” checks on families during the coming weeks.

Q. Could the FASP system be accelerated to enable families to use some of the money now.

Q. Could the LA organise a ‘bank’ of support workers eg PA’s or TA’s ( DBS checked) to support families of their worker is not available.

Q. What support is available for families with a child at SEN support. Also for all families what emotional and sociable support is available.

Finally. There are concerns about the community service organised by the LA and
HEY Smile. There are issues around Data protection,confidentiality and DBS checks.
Unless there is confirmation that these safeguards are in place then families will be reluctant to use this service.

The EYPCF is in daily contact with the LA to raise issues and ask for information about the daily situation. The PCF is also in regular contact with other Charities and support
groups in order to gather information on families needs at this difficult time.

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