Relaxation of SEND Law

By eypcf_controller

May 5, 2020

This is the latest government guidance on the relaxation of SEND law. This is a temporary measure because of the changes brought about by Covid 19. There are two key changes. Firstly that the LA, Health and Social Care do not need to secure the provision in an EHCP but must use reasonable endeavours to do so; this measure is in place until 31st May. Secondly there is a relaxation of timescales for statutory assessments and Annual reviews and this measure is in place until 25th September.
The government have written to CYP and parents and carers to explain why they have taken these measures and the letter is now on the Local offer and will be on the PCF website and on the Facebook page.
The government have stressed that the process must continue to be person centred and parents must be part of any decisions taken about working within the new measures. If there are any difficulties for parents can you please let me know because the government are also insisting that this must happen in co production with the PCF and parents and carers.

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