Risk Assessments

By eypcf_controller

April 30, 2020

PCF Update on Risk Assessments.

This guidance was published by the government on the 19th April 2020.
“This guidance advises local authorities to conduct risk assessments and makes suggestions and recommendations for how that might be done in collaboration with educational settings and parents.”

“This guidance document relates particularly to children and young people whose needs for hands on care or whose behaviours mean that there are more, or more nuanced, risks to be managed than for the majority of children and young people with EHC plans.”
“ the guidance applies to special schools, specialist colleges, other specialist settings and mainstream schools”.

The aim of the guidance is for educational settings, parents and carers children and young people to determine whether it is safer for CYP with an EHCP to have their needs met at home rather than in an educational setting.
It is important to look at the FAQs in the document because they will provide more detailed information.

Many families have received regular phone calls to check how they are managing and it may be that this is assumed to be a “risk assessment”. However the PCF have suggested that perhaps parents may not know that they can ask for any specialist equipment ie sensory,physical, on line sessions with therapists and phone support for the delivery of interventions.( detailed in the guidance).

The PCF have suggested that a template of questions could be used to cover information in the guidance. This is not to minimise the importance of the personal contact with someone who understands the child or young person and the family.
The PCF has asked for the frequently asked questions to go on to the local Offer.
It is also expected that a ‘ risk assessment’ should be updated over time to take account of changing circumstances.


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