Summer Activities

By eypcf_controller

August 18, 2020

“Thank you to everyone who responded last week following the appeal to cancel your places if you cannot attend, we saw an increase in families getting in touch with us. 
A polite reminder to families; If you cannot attend an event you have booked please cancel via (01482) 394000 option 5 option 1 or by  (Please do not call venues directly to cancel your places) 
Also as a parent or carer if you have booked a place yourself this will mean you are participating to support a child or young person, if this is not the case and you are waiting and watching then please amend your booking using the above contact details, if you are booked onto a session you will also be counted within the lunch numbers sent to catering so please expect to receive a lunch. Again if you do not want to receive a lunch please state this when booking.” 


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