Transition back into an education setting

By eypcf_controller

May 20, 2020

The PCF spoke to the LA last week about any steps/ discussions that the LA were going to have with families about the eventual transition back into nursery, school or college.

The PCF survey on Facebook last weekend has given us a brief snapshot into the views and feelings of parents. Again today at the co production meeting the PCF asked how the LA were proposing to consult parents and carers about their individual situation.

The response was that Heads of schools will be having these conversations with parents. The School Improvement Service at County Hall are being expected to take responsibility for this dialogue between school and home. We are wondering whether parents are being asked about how they feel about their child going to school and what would need to be in place for them to feel confident about their child’s well being?

There is a feedback meeting with the LA on Thursday and it would be very helpful if you could let the PCF know firstly whether there are discussions between schools and parents and secondly what needs to be in place for families to be confident that it is safe for their child to attend school.


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