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June 5, 2020

We thought it would be useful to share concerns that were raised by parents during the zoom coffee session yesterday.

  1. Transport. What is the LA guidance on risk assessments, PPE and social distancing for travel from home to school.
  2. There is uncertainty about the roles and responsibilities of LA services in particular the 0-25 team. Alongside this is how or whether services such as the 0-25 team, YFS and the PET team work together and share information.
  3. Short breaks. Can money not being used currently be allocated to families to purchase outdoor equipment and indoor games. ( I see today that this is what Camden are doing).
    What are the plans of Endorphins for short break activities from now until the summer.
  4. PPE. What is the LA guidance on the use of PPE in educational settings.
    Can parents apply for PPE and if so who do they apply to.

An additional concern raised by parents this week is the closing of Dynamix. This will not only leave a gap in provision but also it was important for being sited in Driffield.
Will the new short breaks services be able to make similar provision?

An ongoing discussion concerns risk assessments not being carried out with parents and children and secondly some settings use of Home/ School agreements which don’t appear to be based on the risk assessment.

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