What can I expect from the AGM? 

The AGM will update you on our key work for the past year, how we have responded to various issues and how we are moving ahead.

Can I attend the AGM?


How much does it cost to attend the AGM?

It’s free to attend.

Do I need to be a current member to attend? 

No, we welcome everyone to attend but you will need to be a member to vote.

How can I get a question answered at the AGM? 

You can submit your question online.  We hope to answer as many questions as possible on the day. If your question does not get answered on the day due to time restraints, it will be answered in the days after the AGM.

How do I book to attend the AGM? 

Visit our website and register.  You will then be sent a link a couple days before the AGM to join the event on the day.